Why Companies Should Provide Outplacement Services to their Employees

Layoffs are extremely challenging in any company, with RIFs causing emotional turmoil to the affected employees. For this reason, caring organizations offer outplacement services to mitigate the impact of layoff. Outplacement services help terminated staff with career advising and associated services, so these employees obtain suitable employment and other benefits. But, how does offering outplacement services to your employees benefit you as an employer?


1. To Safeguard The Company’s Reputation

How you treat your employees during layoffs speaks volumes about your organization’s brand and values. Providing outplacement services to your terminated staff shows that you care about your employees’ professional growth. It is also a clear sign of commitment to corporate values. So, you are protecting your brand image by offering outplacement services to the employees.


2. To Promote A Positive Experience For The Affected Staff

As an employer, you must always ensure that each employee leaves your company on a good note. If a staff member has a negative experience while leaving, then there are high chances that they might share the same on social media. This negativity ultimately tarnishes your company’s brand. Also, having negative comments on employee review sites such as Glassdoor will make it difficult for you to recruit talented candidates in the future. Furthermore, disgruntled employees might also file false termination lawsuits, leading to unexpected costs. Therefore, it is best to create a positive experience for the displaced employees to prevent financial strain and a bad brand image.


3. To Boost The Present Team’s Morale And Productivity

Downsizing affects the remaining employees and the terminated ones, which causes decreased productivity. The former also experience a decline in engagement, organizational commitment, and job performance. Therefore, you must maintain transparency in communication by clarifying to the present employees that you are assisting the displaced staff with outplacement services.


4. To Reduce Layoffs-Related Expense

Although it may seem unreasonable to invest in outplacement services when your company is looking to reduce costs through RIF, the business value supersedes the cost. For instance, your company can save on unemployment taxes and severance costs when employees speed up their job search through outplacement services.

Moreover, not every outplacement service is expensive. The cost depends on your company’s requirements, the professional level/age/experience of the terminated staff, and the level of services/programs you offer employees through outplacement service. So approach the outplacement service provider after evaluating the needs of your organization.


5. To Attract Outstanding Talent And Sales

People would rather work for an organization that treats its employees right amidst challenging times than an uncompassionate and non-transparent one. By offering outplacement services during downsizing, you are building a reputation as a compassionate organization. This gesture makes it easier to acquire new talent. Additionally, you are attracting sales simultaneously since companies love to do business with organizations that uphold their values.

The legal costs and potential business consequences of not providing outplacement services justify the business value of supporting displaced staff. It is crucial to choose a top outplacement service provider like APEX Career Services. APEX Career Services makes downsizing easier by offering HR consulting and outplacement services. APEX Career Services can tailor outplacement packages according to your organization’s budget and needs. So contact APEX Career services today to get started! Visit https://apexcareerservices.com/outplacement-services.