Why Companies Should Offer Outplacement Services To Their Separating Employees

Organizations sometimes grapple with the thought of layoffs or reduction in force (RIF) for numerous reasons. Some reasons may be financially-motivated, while others may be performance-based. Whatever the reason, the impacted employees face challenges accepting, coping, and recovering from the emotional turmoil and impact of a job loss. However, there are steps that responsible companies can take to mitigate complications for affected employees. Many companies provide these separating employees with outplacement services to make the layoff process easier for employers and employees. An experienced outplacement provider can help employees transition to other opportunities while providing comfort and reassurance.

Outplacement is a service that responsible employers offer to help separated employees transition to new employment opportunities. Outplacement service providers provide wide-ranging services, including resume writing, career coaching, mock interview coaching, salary negotiation coaching, LinkedIn profile writing, documents writing, and similar services. Outplacement programs help job seekers as follows.

• Create a positive mentality that fosters career search success
• Clarify career goals and strategies that promote the successful execution of actionable career plans
• Determine viable career paths and career transition strategies
• Develop confidence throughout the job search and career transition process
• Enhance interview and salary negotiation skills
• Negotiate salary and benefits
• Acquire new skills and knowledge to enhance career growth and development
• Make the shift from self-employment

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