What Your Job Search Behaviors Say About You

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the message your actions send to recruiters and hiring managers? You definitely should, as you are being judged from the minute you submit your resume up to the time of hiring or rejection. It is very important that you pay close attention to your actions and do everything within your power to send the right message.

Here is a list of poor candidate behaviors and how they are interpreted by recruiters and hiring managers:

  • Sending a resume that does not respond to the job requirements: This indicates that you are desperate and are just applying for any job available without really assessing if you are qualified or not. It says you are not serious.
  • Not addressing the recruiter by name in emails: Sending fragmented emails without even addressing the recipient says you are lazy and don’t take yourself or anyone else seriously.
  • Using incomplete sentences and poor grammar in emails to recruiters: This says you are uneducated, lazy, and unqualified for any serious positions.
  • Calling recruiters and hiring managers when specifically asked not to: This says you do not respect their time and cannot follow instructions. This reflects that you could be a potential problem for employers.
  • Asking questions that have been previously addressed in job announcements and emails: This says you cannot follow simple instructions. It also says that you pay no attention to details.
  • Not responding in a timely manner to recruiters: This shows that finding a job is not a real priority for you and that you have no sense of urgency.
  • Submitting incomplete information: This says you are lazy and cannot follow through.
  • Emailing a recruiter asking them to call when you have already left a voicemail: This says you are a nag. You have to allow a reasonable amount of time to receive a return call.
  • Missing scheduled phone screenings: This says you are not organized and careless and have no respect for keeping commitments.
  • Scheduling a phone screen when you know you do not have privacy: This says you do not plan ahead and lack the ability to forecast or use good judgment.

The above-mentioned items should be very obvious but are often missed. These poor behaviors are simply hindering your progress. Employers do not want employees who exhibit the aforementioned bad behaviors. You must make every effort to put your best foot forward by phone and email and in person. They are all equally important and paint a compelling picture of who you really are. Most people who do not have success in their job search are directly responsible for their own failures, as they fail to be diligent in how they present themselves. It is not enough to have degrees, certifications, experience, connections, etc., if you do not pull it all together with professional behaviors. Image is everything. So make yours matter!

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