Salary Negotiation Strategies for Women

Women still earn approximately 75 cents to every dollar earned by their male counterparts. Not surprising, this is standard across all industries. Though unfair, it often comes down to women’s reluctance to negotiate for higher salaries. No one will hand you a raise, so it’s your responsibility to fend for yourself and improve your negotiation skills. Here are some salary negotiation tips to help you negotiate your next salary.

  • Know your worth and value. Be confident, proactive, and practice your negotiation skills well in advance of when you actually need to negotiate. Take every opportunity to improve your skills.
  • Be confident that you are worth every penny you ask for. Practice selling your knowledge, skills, and abilities, and don’t be afraid to sell yourself. Be relaxed and maintain composure and control.
  • Be strategic and prepare your talking points. Be prepared to explain why you are worth a raise or higher salary. Write down your talking points and be prepared to quantify your success and worth.
  • Stay focused on your negotiation and do not allow the other person to railroad you or change the conversation. Be attentive and maintain focus.
  • Maintain confidence and positive body language. Be aware of the message your body sends. Be commanding, and always send positive cues.
  • Start all negotiations with a firm hand shake and eye contact. Maintain control and poise throughout the process.
  • You are the product, so sell yourself. Convince your boss that you’re worth more. Brag about yourself while highlighting your successes and credentials. There are no guarantees you will get a higher salary, so be assertive as it may increase your likelihood of making what you’re worth.

Do you need help preparing for your next salary review or salary negotiation? Need help honing and strengthening your skills. The salary negotiation coaches at APEX Career Services are Certified Professional Career Coaches who can help you develop and fine tune your salary negotiation skills. Please contact us today to schedule your session.

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