Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many job seekers have a different notion of how to write a resume. Some may be wrong, while others may be right. Regardless of what your notions are, it is important that you understand that you are writing your resume for hiring managers and recruiters—not yourself. Therefore, you must know your audience and what they are looking for. Here are some resume mistakes that you should make every effort to avoid:

  • Never write the word resume on your resume. The recipient already knows what it is.
  • You do not need to list your references on your resume. Also, it is not necessary to include “References available upon request” on your resume. This is already understood.
  • Your resume is simply a marketing tool used to sell you to prospective employers, so feel free to highlight your achievements and results.
  • Always provide accurate contact information. The prospective employer should not have to track you down.
  • Refrain from being overly artistic. Less is more. Use fonts and text sizes that are easy to read and professional in appearance. Times New Roman in 11 or 12 is good for most of your resume.
  • Use a format that is clear, concise, and easy to read and flows logically. Your resume should tell a clear and methodical story about you and your skills.
  • Never fabricate your credentials. Be honest. There is a difference between making up facts and a little embellishment.

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