Resume Distribution

Let APEX Career Services Do Your Entire Job Search For You!

Are you a busy professional or executive who needs help with applying for jobs? Are you ready to land that dream job but have no free time to do an effective and targeted job search? Did you just hear about a new position opening and wish you could just pass it on to someone else to apply for you?  We can help! Let APEX Career Services do the work for you. We will do a targeted job search and submit your resume to positions based on your skills, education and your specific requirements. We understand that it can be frustrating to search for jobs, so we will create cumbersome online profiles, upload your resume, and tailor your cover letter to each position for you.  Do you already know which jobs you want to apply for?  Just send them to us and we will do all the work for you. It’s that easy! We also provide you with ongoing updates and progress reports so you know what we are doing at all times.

Let APEX Career Services do your entire job search for you!

Service includes:

  • Targeted job search on your behalf (utilizing job aggregators, job boards, personal industry contacts)
  • Submission to positions on your behalf
  • Minor updates to your resume for each position applied to, when required
  • Cover letter personalization for each position applied to (if cover letter is required)
  • Instant and ongoing application status updates and progress reports
  • Recruiter, hiring manager, or company contact information (if available) for all positions applied to
  • Personalized career search tips and advice
  • Brief company bio for each company applied to
  • Salary info
  • Job descriptions
  • Email and phone support to respond to your inquiries
  • You will be provided all updated resumes and cover letters used on your behalf during the application process

Let APEX Career Services help you get through the rigorous job search process. We will make your life easy so you can focus on the interview process.  Contact us today to get started!

*Additional fees apply for editing and personalizing resumes and cover letters not written by APEX Career Services.