Your Resume Alone is Not Good Enough

Winning a job in today’s competitive employment market requires far more than just a polished resume and good technical skills. It takes an investment of both time and money in your career. In fact, many times the most qualified candidates fail to get a job because they are outsmarted and outperformed by candidates who are better prepared. Here are some essential job search areas to master and tips on how investing in a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) can help you move to the top of the interview list.

Master Interviewing Skills
Job seekers don’t get jobs because they are qualified; they get jobs because they know how to communicate those qualifications, and how to impress their interviewer. For this reason, finely tuned interview skills are a must for any job seeker. In addition to learning how to respond to questions, candidates need to know how to navigate the interview process and how to negotiate salary. Having in-depth knowledge in all of these areas, not only increases the odds of landing the job, but it ensures that the individual will be happier in a new position.

LinkedIn Profiles
Today’s employers expect their employees to have a professional online presence. That’s why it’s critical that job seekers have more than just a resume to show off their skills. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site, and having a comprehensive, well-written profile is a must for any serious job seeker. Having a great resume without a LinkedIn profile is like wearing a nice suit and tattered shoes.

Call in the Professionals
The number one way to improve the results of a job search is to hire a professional. Certified Professional Career Coaches (CPCC) have insider knowledge and can guide you into the position that best suits your background. These vital career services professional do more than just give interview advice, they help job seekers polish their personal brand. A Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) can turn so-so resumes and LinkedIn profiles into stand out stars. Investing in a good career coach or resume writer is just as important as investing in a stylist or a golf swing coach. Career coaching can include both interview and salary negotiation coaching. In addition, career coaches aren’t a one-size-fits-all service. They can be customized to a job seeker’s individual needs.

For the best results, job seekers must understand that working with these professionals take time. Don’t expect a career coach to solve all of your problems in a free consultation. Consultations are designed to be an overview of what a career coach can do for you. Be prepared to purchase actual coaching sessions and give the process time to work. Ready to work with the best and most qualified career consulting professional? Contact APEX Career Services today at 866- 333-APEX, or visit us online at

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