Promoting Workplace Diversity With Anti-Ageism Support For Older Job Seekers

Are you an older job seeker struggling with finding employment based on your age? Do you feel employers are overlooking you in favor of a younger workforce? Don’t worry. APEX Career Services specializes in helping older job seekers maneuver the job search process while fighting ageism.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace are important for all employees to thrive and for organizations to grow. We understand that you are valuable in the workplace and that employers need your expertise, maturity, commitment, and dedication. Let us help you find your perfect career path or job opportunity! Contact Dr. Nadine Franz, the leading workplace ageism expert, to help you achieve your employment goals. Reach out to Dr. Nadine Franz to learn how she can help you fight ageism! at 1.866.333.2739 or 866.334.3621.

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