Social Media Branding – 1 Hour Session



Enhance your social media profiles to advance your career!

Social media branding is provided on an hourly basis and includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You may book a 1-hour session to discuss your project and get a quote for your full project. The number of hours needed varies based on your growing need as we work with you. The hourly rate is the same as the 1-hour coaching rate advertised.

Social media branding services are tailored to suit your unique needs. We will provide you with tools on how to successfully utilize your media profiles to brand yourself for career and business success. A 1-hour session is not enough time to adequately address all of your social media needs, so feel free to select multiple sessions to adequately address your needs.

Personalized 1-hour coaching session via telephone or videoconferencing

The price listed reflects pricing per 1-hour of coaching.