Important Job Search Rules

As we all know, most jobs are applied for using online applicant tracking Systems (ATS). Therefore, submitting your resume and cover letter online is a must. In addition to applying online, it is a smart idea for you to connect with and get to know as many recruiters, hiring managers, and employees of companies so you can make inside connections. Many resumes end up in the dreaded resume black hole where they are never see by anyone. Personal connections are often necessary to move your resume up the pipeline. You should leverage LinkedIn in your job search, as it is a great way to connect with professionals who could possibly aid in your job search!

Your resume should sell your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). After all, it is a marketing tool that should be used to inform employers of the value you can add to their organization. Your resume should address what you can do for companies, and it must respond to the needs and requirements of jobs you apply for.

Know your worth! Do your homework by researching your job market and salaries in your area. Never walk into an interview without knowing what the job should pay in your market, and what salary you are seeking. You should never under sell yourself, or accept salary that is below your value. Most companies have deep pockets and will pay the right person the right salary, but only if you fight for it.

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