Importance of Investing in Your Career Development

Many employees and job seekers fail to keep their skillsets sharp and up to date. Ongoing training ensures that employees are prepared when promotion opportunities arise. Most job seekers do not place great importance on training and preparing for a new job placement in advance as they should. The decision to proactively learn more to improve job chances is just as important as hiring a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) to help craft a resume and prepare for job interviews. Investing in your career development is extremely important in improving your chances of career growth. Here are a few reasons below to support why you should proactively gain new knowledge.

  1. You Can Become More Marketable

By acquiring keys skills and training you will become more attractive to employers and increase your chances of having multiple career paths. In addition, you can garner higher raises and larger salaries.

  1. Achieve Career Advancement

The skills required to fulfill duties in similar positions can vary from company to company. Supervisory and management skills require mastering essential soft skills in communication, problem solving and critical thinking to help you move up the career ladder. For example, if you are a software engineer wanting to move into management you could benefit by taking specialized training to master these important skills. Additionally, specialized positions may require certifications in project management, six sigma or specific software certifications to advance your career.

  1. Maintain Current Knowledge & Skills

Every employer expects employees to stay current with the latest skills no matter what industry they work in. Business organizations and employers are more likely to adopt new services (such as project management office software for enterprise) to improve their professional services. Therefore, employees need to possess skills that are relevant to the particular organization. And, if you are trying to change jobs, your search will be exponentially harder because your skills will not be as relevant and current as other job seekers who have continually honed their kills. Job seekers can take advantage of online learning opportunities to ensure their career track stays on an upward trajectory.

  1. Get Skills That Support A Career Change

If you have been in the same career for a long time, your skills may not always translate well into a different career path, or your skills may be outdated. By taking online training you broaden the number of employers who could be interested in your skills and talents. Many job seekers find that working with a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) while also gaining more knowledge through online training is a great way to target new career opportunities.

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