How to Use LinkedIn for Your Career Search

LinkedIn is a very powerful professional social networking tool. If used correctly, LinkedIn can work as your personal job search assistant 24/7. It amazes me how many professionals don’t even have a LinkedIn profile. That is unbelievable in 2012. LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook. LinkedIn is not just a tool for networking with other professionals. It is a way to market your knowledge, skills and abilities to thousands of recruiters without lifting a finger. LinkedIn is also used by a number of companies in order to grow their audience, target products and capture the personal element of sales. Take a look at a site like
to find out more on the idea of LinkedIn Integration and how this benefits both consumer and the business.

Thousands of recruiters and hiring managers at companies nationwide and worldwide use LinkedIn as a reliable source for identifying and contacting candidates that meet criterion for positions they are seeking to fill. LinkedIn allows companies the ability to search for candidates (based on information in candidates LinkedIn profiles) that match the companies’ vacant positions criteria. For this reason, your LinkedIn profile should be as detailed as your resume is. Your profile should adequately say who you are and what you bring to the table. It has to optimized with keywords that truly market your skills. This is why it is so important to ensure that you have been doing some LinkedIn Learning so that you can make the most of your online CV.

Companies search LinkedIn for candidates whose profiles include keywords that are important to the position they are seeking to fill. It is imperative that you really spend the time to create a very compelling LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn allows recruiters to send you private invitations to apply for positions to your private LinkedIn in box. An even more amazing feature offered to career seekers is the ability to apply to the position from the message you receive from recruiters. Some companies even allow you to apply to positions on their websites using your LinkedIn profile. This is such a convenient and hassle-free way to apply for jobs. Once you create a professional, detailed, and targeted LinkedIn profile, you can just sit back and wait for recruiters to contact you. Yes! It is that simple.

Alternatively, instead of just waiting for recruiters to approach, you can take advantage of available LinkedIn automation tool(s) to approach the possible employer and send pre-written bulk messages to job prospects. You can also personalize such tools to auto-follow profiles that can improve your connections and automatically increase profile visits.

The key to benefiting from all that LinkedIn has to offer is to do the following:

  • Create a detailed profile.
  • Include a professional photo (preferably a business head shot).
  • Include your professional credentials with your name (E.g. Mary Jones, MBA, MS).
  • Obtain professional recommendations from trusted sources.
  • List all career positions held with detailed descriptions of what you have done.
  • List all education and degrees obtained.
  • Include all certifications received.
  • Provide all skills and expertise.
  • List all professional organizations for which you belong.
  • Actively connect with other professionals and grow your network. A network of 500+ connections is very impressive and beneficial to you. The larger your network, the more possibilities of being noticed.
  • List all languages of fluency.
  • Provide your contact information if you would like to be emailed or called.
  • Specify the reason for which others may contact you.
  • Check your in-box regularly.
  • Constantly monitor your profile.
  • Check daily who’s viewed your profile. This may indicate if you are being considered for job opportunities, etc.
  • Get you own personalized public profile (E.g.
  • Follow companies for which you are interested.
  • Join groups that reflect your interests, profession, alma mater, etc.
  • Make sure your profile reaches 100% profile completeness.

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