How To Transition From Stay At Home Mom To The Workforce

The decision to stay at home and care for young children can be a tough decision for moms. However, many moms make the difficult decision to give up lucrative careers to become stay-at-home moms. The reward of devoting one’s career to raising children often comes at a career sacrifice for moms, many who struggle to find gainful employment once their children are older and no longer require moms’ undivided attention at home. Many mothers have a tough time getting back in a workforce that does not value their choices to stay home, treating them as “has been” who have no marketable skills. This bias creates hardships for moms who often take lower-paying and lower-skilled positions to get a job. This form of discrimination is frustrating for moms, and many have to find ways to circumvent related job search woes. Don’t worry if you or someone you know is a mom who needs help getting back in the workplace. Here are some steps to take to avoid job search issues:

  1. Add your volunteer services to your resume. Your volunteer service is valuable work experience even though it was unpaid.
  2. Take the time to brush up on your technical skills, so you appear relevant and ready to work.
  3. Refrain from discussing your personal life with employers who may utilize the information to discriminate against you.
  4. Update your LinkedIn profile and network with as many recruiters and HR professionals as possible.
  5. Be confident in your skills, talents, self-worth, and your potential contributions to any organization.

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