How To Stay Connected With Colleagues While Working From Home

Working from home has become the new norm during the Covid-19 pandemic for many employees. Some employees enjoy working from home but struggle with balancing working from their home offices and staying connected to their colleagues.  Staying in touch may seem awkward and daunting, yet integral to ensuring that teams stay connected while building and maintaining comradery. Co-workers need to keep in touch and work together to ensure team cohesion, productivity, and high employee morale. Without face-to-face interactions, water cooler talks, and in-person team meetings, staying in touch can be a struggle. However, leaders must create and foster a team environment even when team members are geographically dispersed.  Here are some steps that leaders and colleagues can take to stay connected to each other.

  1. Utilize Zoom or other virtual meeting platforms to schedule weekly or impromptu meetings.
  2. Collaborate with like-minded individuals so you can build mutual support.
  3. Leverage online tools to share content and collaborate simultaneously.
  4. Schedule coffee or lunch meet-ups
  5. Stay in touch via email and chat as often as needed to meet business goals and complete assignments.


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Stay Connected while working from Home