How to Prepare for Your Next Performance Appraisal

End of year employee reviews are quite common across organizations. It is a way for companies to provide performance feedback to employees. Some managers are ill-prepared to objectively and adequately assess employees. As a result, performance appraisals can be counterproductive and downright demoralizing to employees. Many employees wait all year to get feedback that leaves them feeling discouraged due to average or poor performance feedback. Managers are usually required to complete performance reviews intended to help employees improve performance. The steps below will help you prepare for your next performance review, so you get the most out of it.

• Prepare a list of all your accomplishments and kudos since your last performance review.
• Ask your manager to provide you with specific feedback with concrete details so you can further discuss, if necessary.
• Make a list of resources you need from your manager to do your job successfully.
• Conduct salary research and be prepared to discuss a raise.
• Create a list of additional duties you would like to take on or professional development courses you would like to take so you can show your manager your commitment to your growth and development.

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Performance Reviews