How To Overcome Employment Gaps & Job-Hopping On Your Resume

Job seekers need to put their best efforts forward to stay ahead of the competition in today’s job market. A questionable and unstable work history can definitely hurt any chances of finding employment. When faced with this dilemma, job seekers should take a closer look at their situations to determine what can be improved. Here are some tips to help overcome obstacles:

  • Use a chronological resume with a compelling professional profile explaining your knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Always use positive language
  • Avoid writing a functional resume unless your work history is very questionable
  • List experiences gained from volunteer work and community involvement
  • Document continuing education to show continuous professional involvement
  • Eliminate months from your work history and use only years to cover-up brief work history
  • Omit short term positions that add no value to your job search
  • Group similar jobs with multiple companies together to de-emphasize job hopping
  • Use a cover letter to address problematic matters in a tactful and unapologetic manner

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