How to Identify a Job Search Scam During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created hardships for us all. Many people have lost their homes, jobs, and loved ones due to the pandemic. Those who found themselves unemployed are now scurrying to obtain new employment. The unemployment rate has increased, but many companies and industries are still hiring. There are also scammers looking for innocent and vulnerable prey, so be careful while searching for new opportunities. Reputable companies will not ask you to pay to apply for a job. That is a red flag that should send you running. Reputable companies with real job opportunities are transparent in their job postings. Here are some red flags to look for, so you avoid becoming a victim to job search scams:

• The company asks you to provide the social security number upfront.
• The company’s business name or the contact information is unavailable.
• You are asked to pay a fee to apply for positions.
• The website appears sketchy and unprofessional.
• There is an excessive amount of openings for the same position in multiple geographic locations.
• The salary seems too high for the type of position.
• You are receiving unsolicited emails from a personal email not tied to a professional website domain.
• The job offer seems too good to be true.

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