How To Create Your Interview Wish List

If you are tired of the job search status quo, then it’s time to define your own destiny. By creating your interview wish list, you can change your career trajectory for the better.  Your interview wish list can be the key to success. The tips below are designed to help you create your interview wish list. 

  • Make a list of about five to 10 companies you would like to work for within your desired locations
  • Determine why you want to work for these companies
  • Research company cultures to ascertain if you are a good fit for each other
  • Visit their career websites to identify available positions that meet your qualifications
  • Connect with recruiters, HR professionals, and other staff members at these companies

Crafting your list can feel discouraging at first, but it does not have to be. This is your opportunity to choose your employer, as opposed to leaving it up to them to choose you. You will have a feeling of empowerment once you get hired on your terms. There are many companies hiring in your area that you may have overlooked. Get to know every company in your area and find out what they do. Never assume that they do not hire people with your background as you may miss out on golden opportunities. As with anything else, you have to invest time and exhibit patience, as it will take time to gain traction in your job search.

We are seeing reports that hiring is on the rise and companies are competing for the best available talent. Stop working for a company and boss you hate. The sooner you start actively working on your interview wish list, the sooner you can realize your dream of landing your dream job.

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