How To Avoid Job Search Mistakes As An Entry-Level Worker

Many new college graduates or entry-level employees devalue their worth in the job market because they believe recruiters will not give them a chance due to their lack of experience.  They fail to realize that they have valuable transferable skills that can be leveraged to gain entry-level positions with growth potential. They cede control of their destiny to recruiters who they believe hold the key to their success.  Inexperienced job seekers must take control of their job search by applying for as many positions as available so they can increase their chances of landing interviews, so they get opportunities to sell their knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to recruiters and hiring managers. Here are some helpful steps to take to avoid job search mistakes to land that job quickly.

1. Establish and define clear job search goals.

2. Continuously work towards achieving those goals.

3. Build a strong network continually.

4. Apply for as many jobs that your skills and passion align with.

5. Be prepared! Keep your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other career branding tools current.

6. Remain focused and persistent!

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Job Search Mistakes