How To Effectively Prepare For Job Interviews

A successful job search is not only contingent upon having a great resume.  In addition, you need to project a good image, and you must interview well to convince employers to take a chance on you. Think of your resume as your thesis, and your interview as your opportunity to defend your resume.  You want to ensure that you are well-prepared to interview with confidence so you land that job.

Many job seekers are intimidated at the interview process, as it can be a brutal experience if you are not properly prepared. It is a good idea to prepare for interviews well in advance so you avoid cramming for interviews right before you actually have to interview. Some job seekers practice by memorizing information they feel is pertinent to discuss.  This is a terrible strategy as you do not know for sure what questions you will be asked.  A more effective way to prepare is to know and understand each job you are interviewing for so you can fully understand what will be required of you in each position.  Once you fully understand the job requirements and responsibilities, you need to connect the dots with your background so you can articulately discuss your skills and expertise pertinent for success in the desired position.

By understanding what is expected of you, you put yourself in a position to confidently sell yourself without seeming scripted or rehearsed.  After all, an interview is nothing more than a conversation.  Your goal as a job candidate is to build rapport with the interviewer, show confidence, and sell yourself as the ideal candidate through your skills and qualifications. In addition, you should research each company you interview with beforehand.  You need to do your homework so you get a holistic view of the organization.  It is always a wise idea to interject some of your company knowledge into your answers so you send the message that you are a well-rounded candidate who took the time to learn about the organization where you hope to work.

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