Do You Know What Is Expected of You from Your Resume?

Have you ever wondered what is truly expected of you in a resume? Can you imagine if you had a conversation with a resume, what it would actually say to you? This may sound a bit odd to you but should have also brought a smile to your face. Well, if you had a conversation with a resume, it would probably go as follows:

Eager Candidate: Good day Compelling Resume. I have heard so much about you. What exactly are you?

Compelling Resume: I am a very important marketing tool used in your job search.

Eager Candidate: Why do I need your help?

Compelling Resume: I contain information about your work history, knowledge, skills, and abilities. I am usually the first impression you make with a recruiter or hiring manager.

Eager Candidate: How can I make you look more attractive to recruiters and hiring managers?

Compelling Resume: You need to focus on your accomplishments, rather than just list what you have done.

Eager Candidate: What is the most common mistake job seekers make with you?

Compelling Resume: I do not like it when career seekers forget to summarize their career accomplishments. I like to see their career profile. This helps hiring managers see who they are and what they can do.

Eager Candidate: Is it necessary for me to list my hobbies and personal interests?

Compelling Resume: It is appropriate to do so only if they are relevant to the position for which you are applying.

Eager Candidate: Should I add my ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, and religious affiliations?

Compelling Resume: You should add those only if they are relevant to the position for which you are applying, or if you know that the information will not be used to discriminate against you.

Eager Candidate: How do you like to be copied and mailed?

Compelling Resume: I prefer that you have me copied on neutral and quality resume paper. Also, please copy me on a professional copy machine at a copy service company, and please do not fold me when mailing me

Eager Candidate: I am currently enrolled in school, how do I document that?

Compelling Resume: I recommend that you indicate your major, courses you are taking, and your anticipated graduation date.

Eager Candidate: How do I hide my age to avoid age discrimination?

Compelling Resume: I recommend that you only list your last ten years of employment, and do not include dates that indicate your age.

Eager Candidate: What should I do if I want to de-emphasize something on my resume?

Compelling Resume: I recommend that you use smaller font in a lighter color.

Eager Candidate: How do you feel about a cover letter?

Compelling Resume: The cover letter is my best friend. Never send me without a cover letter. Besides, employers frown upon it when you do not accompany me with a cover letter.

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