How to Choose a Resume Format

Resume format is all the buzz.  Many clients rant and rave about all the online research they have done, but still feel confused as to which resume format may be best for their particular situations.  It is wise for job seekers to have all the facts and industry knowledge before settling on or committing to a particular resume format.

There are three resume formats to consider when you embark on your job search. They are chronological, functional, and combination. There are many reasons to choose a particular resume type. Each type communicates the same information for the most part, but in a very different fashion.  It is up to you to look at your entire career path so you can weigh the pros and cons before determining which resume type is most appropriate for your needs.

It is very important that you review your career history, decide on the message you would like to convey, then determine which resume style best sells you. Here are some facts to consider:


  • Showcases your work history in a chronological order
  • Is very straightforward and popular with employers


  • Is skills-based
  • Gives you the opportunity to describe what you can do effectively


  • Combines the chronological and functional format
  • Highly recommended where skills and job experience are relevant

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