Career Search Survival Toolkit

Here are some items you should always have in your arsenal….just in case you meet someone who can help you in your career search:

  • A few varieties of your resume (keep these in a folder on your phone so you will always have access no matter where you are
  • A few cover letters where you can just make minor tweaks (keep these in a folder on your phone so you will always have access no matter where you are)
  • An interview outfit (should be clean, ironed, and ready to go)
  • An appropriate outgoing recording on your cell phone (always use your cell phone so that you do not miss important calls from recruiters)
  • Access to your emails (this allows you to check your email often so you can respond to interview requests)

The sooner you respond to recruiters, the better your chances of getting an interview sooner. Remember, you are not the only person a recruiter calls. It is to your advantage to respond immediately to recruiters, as they will move on to the next talent if you are slow to respond.

Need help sharpening all the tools in your toolkit?

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Career Search Survival Toolkit