Benefits Of Outplacement Services For Employers

Outplacement is a benefit offered to separating employees as part of the severance package by employers to help them find new employment. Employers usually sponsor this benefit through a specialist outplacement service. The outplacement provider assists the affected staff in significant aspects of job hunting, such as career assessments, resume writing, and interview preparation.

Regardless of the reasons behind the layoffs, the employer can benefit by offering outplacement services to displaced employees. Unlike the popular misconception that such services are unreasonable (since the company may be looking to lower costs via RIFs), the truth is that it’s an investment for the organization. This is why almost every reputable company provides these services to their staff. To understand the benefits more deeply, here are some of the top benefits of outplacement services for you as an employer.

1. Safeguards The Company’s Reputation

When you offer outplacement services, it displays your care towards your staff and their professional growth. In addition, it reflects how well you treat your employees, even amidst challenging times. This, in turn, speaks volumes about your company’s corporate values and your commitment to stick to your values. Moreover, your corporate responsibility towards your team works wonders in protecting your brand name.


2. Decreases Layoff-Related Expense

The cost incurred while offering outplacement services may seem unreasonable for many, but the business value surpasses the price. In fact, it helps you save on the expenses related to severance and unemployment taxes. Also, if you are on a tight budget, you can choose the services from the outplacement packages based on your company’s needs.

3. Draws In Outstanding Talent And Sales

Candidates prefer to work for an establishment that treats its staff right, even during its challenging phase. When you offer outplacement services, you are building a reputation as a compassionate organization that cares for its employees, even during downsizing. This makes it easy to acquire new talent.

4. Reduces Risk Of Legal Actions

Defending unlawful terminations are time-consuming, costly, damaging to your reputation, and attracts wrongful lawsuits by the infuriated displaced staff. However, by offering outplacement services as a part of the severance agreement, you are promoting seamless transitions, decreasing the terminated employee’s anxiety, and maintaining a healthy workforce relationship. In addition, this reduces the risk of wrongful legal actions by the affected members.

5. Boosts Productivity And Retention

Whether you are considering a Reduction in Force due to downsizing, reconstruction, poor performance, new acquisitions, or to reduce operational costs, the layoff period can injure the morale and productivity of the employees. But if handled correctly, you can prevent this situation. When you provide outplacement services to the terminated staff, they feel valued, protected, and secure. It reflects your institution’s ‘conscience’ and profoundly impacts the commitment and retention of the workforce profoundly.


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