Are You the Victim of Racism During Your Job Search?

The job search process is difficult and stressful for job seekers in general.  As a racial minority, this stress can be magnified as racism is often challenging to prove because it is carefully masked behind rhetoric and practices that make it difficult for ethnic minorities to identify.  These veiled racist hiring strategies often leave minorities feeling unqualified, undesirable, insecure, frustrated, defeated, stressed, and depressed. Many minorities are more than qualified for the positions they apply for, yet they get no responses or opportunities interview. Many feel that they can seal the deal and get hired if they get a fair chance to interview.  The steps below have been used by some of our clients to remove racial barriers to job search success so they can get an opportunity to compete for jobs they are qualified to perform. These tips below have worked for many clients but is not a guarantee that they work in all cases. They are at least some steps to take to improve the chances of at least getting interviewed. It is important to note that there are great recruiters out there who would never discriminate based on race, but a few bad apples can make it hard for minority job seekers.

  1. Do not include information on your resume or LinkedIn profile that tells your race or national origin.
  2. Use your initials instead of your first and middle names if your name can be used to stereotype against you.
  3. Remove your LinkedIn profile picture so recruiters and hiring managers cannot use your looks to discriminate against you.
  4. Do not include your address on your resume if you live in an ethnically-dense community that may reveal your race.
  5. Change your outgoing voice message on your phone to the system recording so that your voice cannot be used to exclude you from opportunities.
  6. Make your social media accounts private so recruiters cannot snoop around your personal life.

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Racism in Job Search