Your Age Is An Asset, Not A Liability: Advice For Job Seekers Over 50

I often receive calls from clients age 50 and over who are deeply concerned and fearful about of aging out of the workplace.  Many feel they are becoming extinct and in jeopardy of being replaced by millennials and other younger workers.  I find myself reassuring them that not only is this not the case, but that they have so many attributes that make them valuable, a threat…yes, a threat, and here to stay…as long as they continue to learn, grow and stay relevant.  To my “aging” job seekers, please know that we are all “aging”, and the wisdom and expertise you can offer is irreplaceable.  Here are some job search tips to help you maneuver the job search process as you rebuild your confidence in knowing and understanding your value in the workplace.


  1. Stay current with ever-changing industry trends by reading trade journals, online articles, industry research and other relevant information.
  2. Keep your technology and industry skills fresh by staying committed to life-long learning. You are never too old to learn, so keep learning as much as you can.
  3. De-age your resume as much as possible and avoid employment gaps at all cost. There is no need to list all of your work experience on your resume.  Only list your most recent and relevant work experience.
  4. It is very important to embrace and utilize social media to keep up with your younger counterparts. Social media, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and talent engagement platforms are very prevalent within the job search process. You are expected to be technologically savvy.
  5. Seek out progressive employers with a track record of embracing age diversity within their organizations. There are some smart employers out there who realize and appreciate the wisdom that comes with getting older. Your research may lead you to realize that now is the time for a career change as you identify companies and industries that are “aging friendly”.
  6. Focus more on selling your experience and less on viewing your age as a liability. You can’t change your age, but you can change how you market yourself throughout your job search. You can most definitely make your age, knowledge and abilities work for you.
  7. Don’t delay in making your job search dreams come true! Be organized, deliberate and diligent. Go for what you want with vigor and confidence. You are responsible for your success.
  8. Don’t take the interview process for granted. Prepare well in advance and practice your interview skills.
  9. Be diligent in your job search. Never give up!

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