An Advanced Degree Can Help Propel Your Career Growth?

I consistently get asked by clients whether or not it is worth getting advanced degrees in order to improve career growth opportunities. This is a very complicated question, as this answer can and should vary depending on each person’s individual situation, career plan, and overall career goals.

Earning an advanced degree may be a good option for professionals seeking new challenges or opportunities after working in the same position or industry for a significant amount of time. Returning to school to complete an unfinished or new graduate degree could be a good choice that results in exponential benefits. Oftentimes an advanced degree can help with enhancing career growth and development. Many professionals seek out career growth not just for higher salaries, but also for fulfillment, a sense of accomplishment, to build stronger professional network, and to enhance overall status. Whatever your reasons, make sure you set goals and follow through so you can achieve them on your own terms. If you are wondering if it may be time for you to earn an advanced degree, I have listed some questions below that you may need to ask yourself if you are contemplating pursuing an advanced degree.

Are you seeking