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Dr. Nadine E. Franz, Ed.D. is a passionate, caring, and empathetic scholar-practitioner who balances the role of an HR practitioner with her work in academia. In addition, she is a compelling qualitative researcher who takes pride in telling her participant’s stories and experiences.

Dr. Franz founded and currently runs a full-service HR consulting and career coaching firm, serving clients globally since 2011. Additionally, she is a Graduate Writing Coordinator in the Research and Writing Development Center within the Ed.D., Learning and Organizational Change Program at a nationally-recognized Research 1 (R1) University. She is a consummate educator, researcher, and author whose primary research foci include workplace ageism, DEI, workplace marginalization, and similar topics.

She is passionate about creating equitable and inclusive work environments that foster a sense of belonging for underrepresented employees and job seekers. She consults organizations on strategies to develop and sustain inclusive workplaces, mainly through implementing non-biased and non-ageist recruiting, hiring, and retention strategies. Dr. Franz’s teaching competencies include Professional and Academic Writing Development, Workplace Ageism, Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Human Resources (HR), Human Resource Management (HRM), Career Management, International Business, and Organizational Leadership.

As a working professional, Dr. Franz balanced and overcame the challenges of full-time employment and full-time doctoral studies. She understands the academic rigors and what it takes to write and defend a dissertation successfully. This in-depth understanding drives her desire to assist academic writers, graduate students, and doctoral students from all academic backgrounds and programs. Dr. Franz practices with high integrity and ethics and treats all clients with dignity and compassion. Furthermore, she is committed to academic excellence, offering knowledge of writing mechanics, excellent editing skills, thorough attention to detail, and strong competence in formatting guidelines. She works collaboratively with students and faculty to advance academic excellence. Moreover, Dr. Franz maintains confidentiality and honors your privacy.

Judgment-free editing and proofreading at your service!


  • Dissertation and thesis coaching
  • Dissertation and thesis copyediting
  • Academic writing coaching
  • Documents editing and proofreading


  • Theses and Dissertations
  • Course Papers
  • Journal Articles
  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Conference Presentations
  • College Applications
  • Manuscripts
  • Portfolios
  • and more!


  • Academic writing coaching
  • Academic writing support











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  • Key components of writing: thesis, topic sentences, hooks, and closings
  • Article (a/an/the) usage
  • Tone and author’s voice
  • Editing from passive to active voice
  • Word choice, vocabulary, and terminology
  • Overall organization, rearranging as necessary
  • Clarity and conciseness
  • Transitions, providing alternatives where needed
  • Section headings (subordination)
  • Pagination
  • Margins
  • Spell checking
  • Grammar checking
  • Punctuation checking
  • Formatting consistency
  • Typos and misspellings
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Noun-pronoun agreement
  • Unnecessary redundancies or repetitions
  • Comments and feedback in the margin, as necessary
  • Follow-up with the editor
  • Alignment with APA style (7th edition) and campus-specific guidelines
  • Suggest alternative words or phrases and guide writers on flow, sentence and paragraph structure, and organization of ideas overall
  • Detailed overview of areas needing attention and improvement
  • Track changed documents with all edits and changes for the client to review and accept


  • Write content for clients.
  • Assess the validity of sources. We edit for consistency with the citation style, not the quality of the sources themselves.
  • Check for plagiarism or accept accountability for plagiarism. We expect clients to provide documents that include their own work and properly cited sources to avoid plagiarism.
  • Promise or guarantee the project will achieve the client’s intended goal. The project’s success is the complete responsibility of the author/client. We take all measures to ensure accurate and detailed editing and formatting.
  • Take ownership of the client’s failure to plan and allow us enough time to complete your project. Clients are responsible for their issues with tight deadlines and the associated consequences of their failure to plan.



Plagiarism involves an author’s use of someone else’s work or ideas without properly citing and giving credit to the original author. As a result, the plagiarizer takes credit for the work of others.

We strongly recommend that you use a reputable plagiarism checker to ensure that you never plagiarize the work of others. It’s all about academic and writing integrity and honesty!