A Strong Resume Will Help Boost Your Job Search

I recently came across an online question posted by a 30 year veteran of the workforce on a job search. He wished to continue working, but wanted to know if having a targeted resume written by a Certified Professional Resume Writer was as important as working with a headhunter. It’s an interesting question; much like which comes first, the chicken or the eggs.

It is difficult to get to the top of a recruiter’s or headhunter’s pile without a well written and targeted resume. A targeted resume ensures that a candidate’s strongest skills are showcased as they relate to the specific position of interest. Without this structure, most resumes will fall in the proverbial black hole.

A headhunter can be extremely beneficial for very experienced and tenured job seekers, as most positions at that level are often not posted on job boards. With that said, a headhunter will still require strong resumes from candidates. It is more important to invest in a great resume as that will open more doors.

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